Thursday, November 09, 2006

Warhol's "You Are the One" to Premiere at the Detroit MoNA

If you are in or near Detroit on November 12th 2006, you will have the chance to a attend what might be the only screening of a long lost Andy Warhol short digital film, created in the mid-80's using Amiga computers, at the Museum of New Art.

Until its 2001 discovery, what had only been hinted at and rumored is that Warhol had actually created a short digital film on one such computer, probably the first such digital creation by any important artist. Titled YOU ARE THE ONE, the digital stills were discovered on a floppy diskz among thousands in Warhol’s estate. [...] However, due to threatened legal action tied to estate disputes and to its pending seizure, the museum will only be allowed a one day screening of the film.

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