Saturday, July 07, 2007

Amstrad CPC 464

I was recently talking to someone about the first computer I owned: an Amstrad CPC 464 (@wikipedia). Attached is a nice flickr photo of the beast in all of its 64kb-RAM-and-tape-recorder glory.

Good times; good times indeed. I was 12 (1987) and saved my money for around two years to get one. It was my first major purchase on my own. The first computer I used was a Thomson TO 7, and its lovable turtles, at school.


dan said...

Nice machine. My brother and I put our differences aside, circa 1984 and pooled resources to buy an Acorn Electron:

stephdau said...

@dan: And all the while, we see our own kids navigating their way to their own sites from the age of 2... I guess we're both stuck in this "I'm-still-cool" and "Dam'it-when-did-I-get-old" phase.

stephdau said...

@dan: +, I dig yours just for the fact it's got Electron in its name. Very 50's sci-fi: Behold the amazing mechanical brain!