Thursday, November 02, 2006

Geek Armed Forces?

Not sure what this is really about, but what a low tech vehicle for such high tech companies. Marketing bit? Tech consultant / off-road fan? Wannabe Geek Squad? Puzzling... (see update)

Well, low tech is actually not quite appropriate, given the marvel of engineering that the Pinzgauer 710M was and still is.

Spotted on November 2nd 2006, at the corner of Sherbrooke Street West and Union Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Update: See comments below for more information, provided by the owner and his Pinzgauer blog for more photos.


Ryk Edelstein said...

You asked for my comments you got them....

So... What's with the 710M on the corner of Sherbrooke and Union??? Lot's.

The 710M belongs to Converge Net ( a Montreal company specializing in what we call 'the analytical approach to network efficiency, security, and compliance'. We are a solution provider for layer 2-4 solutions to enterprise class clients. We specialize in Network Analysis, security and compliance solutions at the packet level. See our site for an idea of which vendors we work with.

The other side of the truck shows ESS which is now renamed to Presidium ( a company specializing in security solutions using embedded geopositioning devices. This is not a mee-too product, we have a patent on our own technology..

Enough about my companies.

I have owned the Pinz for about 3.5 years now, and I saw it first one day on my way to my office on Peel and Wellington (now relocated to 550 Sherbrooke West). The day the for sale sign went up on it, I bought it within 2 hours of seeing the sign. Why not, it has to be the most awesome off roader out there. Much better than the Hummer off road, the pinz boasts offroad capabilities that rival some of the best.

The day I brought it home I told my wife I bought a European Convertible. Let's just say she was not amuused, but resolved herself to that fact that when I turned 40 I bought the Pinz, and did not take on a mistress...My wife hates it, my daughter hates it and the dog is scared of least I can count on them not borrowing it from me.

The sponsorships need to be re-applied to it, but it typically sports the logos of most of our vendor partners. NO WE ARE NOT A GEEKSQUAD WANNABE. I use it for advertising. If you ever look at the ways to legally market your company, there is a great cost for media advertising, bill boards, marketing, and other signage. However, you can stick what you want on your vehicle without being taxed, and in our case we are sponsored by the vendors.

I had Stripped most logos off it presently as it is about to go in for repainting.

If you want to see more about the Pinz, you can visit my Blog at

If you want one, why not call Karl or visit his site at
They cost the Swiss Army ~$120,000 USD, but Karl will let you have one for under $20,000 Canadian. Get them while they are avaialble, the Swiss only have a few left.

Make a statement. Drive a Pinz.

stephdau said...

Ryk, thank you so much for taking the time to humour me, and all the info. I could not have asked for more. And I'll be sure to check out your blog and the Pinz Canada site. I think it's a kickbutt vehicle.

And welcome to the neighborhood!

For people reading this, I ended up sticking a copy of this post on Ryk's windshield today, after seeing his cool truck everyday for the past few weeks, asking him for more info. :)