Friday, December 22, 2006

Screenshots of Fedora Core 6 in VMWare Fusion Beta

Please note: this is an early report, and more details will be posted as I have more time to dig deeper into Fusion. Loads of screenshots in the meantime.

As I mentioned earlier, VMWare Fusion for Mac has had its first beta version released publicly today. My first thought was to try the existing Fedora Core 6 x86 virtual machine I put up for download a few weeks ago, to see if it would run as is on my 2006 Core Duo Macbook.

Having experience with both VMWare on other platforms and Parallels Desktop on the Mac, I was eager to see how the two compared. Having moved VMs between OS platforms with VMWare, I really wanted to know if the Mac would indeed be treated equally.

So since I'm busy packing for a holiday trip, and only have little time for it, I thought I'd post screenshots of how it all went. Hint: it's all good. :) You can go ahead and download my VM image, and give it a shot for yourself.

I'm only going to embed a few screenshots below, so the page stays light, but here is a complete archive: (71 screenshots. SHA1SUM: 0e468e48e8727ff842258e720b323960f19b92ad)


Mike said...

I tried your fedora image and things seem to work. However, when I suspend and resume, the vm loses the mouse and keyboard connection. Did this happen to you?

stephdau said...

@Mike: I'll be honest, and will admit I very rarely use the suspend feature in virtualization environments. The reason behind this is that most of the time, it's actually faster to [re]boot than to wait for a full resume. :) This said, I'll give it a shot tonight (or soon) and I'll let you know how it goes on my end.