Thursday, December 07, 2006

Great Mac Disassembly Guides

Having a few fun plans for a 2002 iBook G3, I was searching for online instructions on how to take apart the notoriously feisty little thing. And then I found the Fixit Guide Series, by iFixit. [Cue the heavenly background music]

Each Fixit Guide has detailed disassembly instructions that walk you through the process of easily accessing and replacing components in your iPod, PowerBook, or iBook.

This, to me, is just brilliant. Here is a company that sells Mac parts, and has the clairvoyance to think that their customers might want to do it themselves, whether for fun or to save a few bucks, and actually helps them doing so without trashing their box. Pure genius!

And they do it well too. All the the guides are clear, concise and well illustrated.

I was not only able to browse and get PDF copies of all the instruction sets I'll probably ever need for my 12" iBook G3, but also for our Mac Minis, 13" MacBook, 12" PowerBooks and 17" PowerBook at the office. And to top it all off, they even have iPod repair guides.

I didn't know iFixit before tonight, but now, I know where I'm shopping next time I'm searching for Mac parts online. If their service and prices match this kind of spirit, they just gained a client for life!

Thanks, and good job guys. I'm usually not that easy. ;)

Update: 2006-12-10:

I've been in touch with the iFixit crew after posting this, and on top of all the above, turns out they're nice guys too. :)

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