Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lion Country Safari

We're playing snowbirds for the holidays this year, and one of our first activities was to bring the kids to the Lion Country Safari, (map) in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I'm usually not much of a zoo-goer. I even once got my entire class kicked out of one for sneaking behind my teacher's back and opening cages to release the animals when I was about 8, in France. On the other hand, those open air, free-roaming and conservation oriented ones are more to my liking. I'd still much rather see those animals free, in their natural habitats, but given so many of those species are now endangered, I have to take the lesser of two evils approach.

You can find a few photos below or go to the equivalent Flickr set or slideshow.

It was quite nice, but if you are in the area during the summer, I have to say that the Parc Safari, in Hemmingford, Quebec, is much larger and a lot more fun and interactive.

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