Saturday, October 28, 2006

JibJab's Great Sketch Experiment

JibJab, if you're not familiar with this web-based comedy outlet, really reached a wide and mainstream audience with the now classic political satire This Land during the 2004 US presidential election campain. Not that they haven't created a whole slew of priceless original pieces since then, but I truly find 2-0-5 to be a pure gem.

Their latest venture brought them with comedy legend director Jonh Landis, of The Blues Brothers and Animal House fame among many others, to launch The Great Sketch Experiment, an independent comedy contest for which I have attached a video description by the JibJab founders below.

What a great concept and opportunity!

But enough said, just go to the site, watch the 6 qualified entries, and vote away! I think the one I'm leaning toward is Small World, though I also really enjoyed Tall Cop, Short Cop and So You Want to be a Cop. But Tom and Tina was pretty clever too, and Shawshank in a Minute had a definite SNL feel to it.

Hmmm, decisions, decisions...

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