Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's SQLite-Mania Time!

Between the freshly announced Google Gears and the upcoming Firefox 3, I'm really happy to see the SQLite project picking up some massive and forefront industry momentum. And well deserved at that, since I've always thought it was an excellent venture in many respects, though often overlooked by the general development community.

Firefox will use it for their upcoming Places feature, which aims to be the evolution of bookmarks and history.

Google Gears, on the other hand, uses it for offline web app data storage. I have to say I'm getting a geeky kick out of seeing SQL queries passed directly via client-side Javascript (although as an offline app, I guess the client is the server too). And not even as a WTF post: bonus!

Kudos to the SQLite dev team, and good call to the two latest industry icons who chose it.

That install base sure is going to grow fast! Makes me giggle when I remember thinking that every PC would be running at least 6 different embedded copies of the tiny DB within a few years when I first played around with it, all without 99% of the end users even realizing this. I'd say we're right on track. :)

Who's taking bets on Adobe doing the same with Apollo?