Saturday, January 13, 2007

parseMe 20070111 Update

Update: 2007-02-13: An upgraded version is now available.

I have released an upgraded version of my GPL'ed lightweight feed reader for web-enabled devices, parseMe, a couple of days ago.

I have added a couple of interesting new features:

  • It now integrates with Google Mobile to provide full content browsing of the destination URLs. This is done by using their nifty (x)html parser, which reformats standard web pages for mobile/accessibility browsers.
  • There is now a cookie-based feature that lets users define what their default source and item limit should be when first accessing the app. All cookie manipulation is done via PHP, on the server-side, as to not rely on Javascript, which is rarely available on the targeted browsers.
You can find the appropriate links below:
I'm obviously quite a bit biased of course, but it's still is my favourite mobile app. :) And since I'm not seeing an iPhone (or similar smart phone) in any kind of recent future for me (availability in Canada, price, usage fees, etc), it probably will be for quite a while.

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